Can We Consider Sex as Alternative Healing to Treat Trauma and Abuse?

October 13, 2019

Is alternative medicine an effective method to help people deal with abuse, trauma, and physical ailments? Can we consider sex as alternative healing to treat trauma and abuse? Take a look at our analysis to find out.

Reiki and Chakra Alternative Healing

When it comes to healing from abuse and trauma, many people turn to professional psychologists for help. It’s highly recommended to visit a therapist. However, while they could help you discuss and analyze your personal trauma, there are countless reports from victims who have claimed that cognitive-behavioral therapy was not enough. For some, it can be expensive, and their health insurance might not cover it. Others may not get the comfort that will enable them to heal properly. That’s why many turn to alternative healing.

Alternative Healing

As an example, Reiki is a popular approach in the field of alternative medicine. It is a Japanese method that focuses on energy healing. In most sessions, the practitioner usually stands around the patient. The Reiki practitioner will use two techniques with their hands. They include palm and hands-on healing. It is said that energy passes through the practitioner’s hands while they place them over or on the patient. This energy is considered to be divine. A practitioner can access it by opening their chakras. Then, they can guide that energy through their hands and use it to heal the patient.

That way, Reiki attempts to heal traumatic events that leave mental and physical consequences. It may sound unusual, but you can research various reports of people with sex-related PTSD. Many claim that they have recovered by trying Reiki. In most cases, people who try Reiki say that their session ends in an unusual feeling of relief. For some, it may be similar to a mini-orgasm. Reiki can be a form of sexual energy healing that can cure pain, depression, and anxiety.

As an alternative to Reiki, balancing the seven chakras could also bring spiritual, physical, and mental relief. There are many yoga asanas (positions) that can stimulate and re-energize the chakras. One of the first steps is to work towards unblocking the sacral chakra (our sexual and emotional center). For sexual trauma survivors, this can be done through a combination of self-care practices, yoga, breathing exercises, mantras, etc. Of course, Reiki and chakra healing methods have not been proven by science or medicine. Still, it may be worth it to try them if patients cannot heal through traditional methods of psychology.

Mind-Body Approach to Healing Trauma

There is no way of knowing how post-traumatic stress disorder can manifest itself in an individual. It is a product of abuse or trauma, and survivors of sexual assault or rape are bound to experience it. It can not only lead to mental issues, but it can also impact a person’s health. For instance, some sexual abuse survivors could experience sleeping problems and pain. Others could build defense mechanisms and deeply alter their behavior. In many cases, they can avoid any confrontation with their painful experiences and thus never heal properly.

If traditional talk therapy doesn’t bring any results, patients can also try mind-body therapies. This term refers to a group of healing techniques (e.g., acupuncture, music therapy, etc.).

Mind-body therapy focuses on improving the interactions of bodily functions with the brain. Furthermore, this kind of treatment is said to improve the way patients can reflect on their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. It can increase tolerance to PTSD and distress. Conversely, it can decrease panic, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

For instance, some types of mind-body therapy put emphasis on touch. Patients could be encouraged to touch themselves on the arm and apply various types of pressure. That could allow them to become comfortable with their bodies again after serious trauma. After this type of treatment, patients could rediscover pleasurable sensations. It’s possible that they can reawaken their sexual response.

How Sex Heals Childhood Abuse Scars

But is there any way to heal through sex? A past trauma of childhood abuse can definitely impact an individual’s perception of sex. Even if that person has a healthy sex life and a secure relationship, their trauma can be easily triggered.

In fact, intense abuse can leave a person “hard-wired” when it comes to sexual responses. Any type of sex could immediately cause a highly negative response. Some victims of childhood abuse can experience discomfort, pain, disgust, flashbacks, and extreme anxiety during sex.

But it can still be possible to heal by having sex. Mental health professionals claim that a secure and healthy relationship with a partner that you trust could make sex feel pleasant again. The trick is to communicate with your partner. Explain your trauma and its history to them. Sex will only feel good and allow you to heal if you and your partner are willing to work on your emotional safety. Also, your partner needs to understand what makes you feel safe. Through sexual healing, both of you can eliminate any negative triggers.

Nevertheless, this requires a lot of effort from you and your partner. It could take years to master. However, the chances for recovery are significant, and your scars could heal with sex.

Does Sex Affect Bone Healing?

Studies have shown that sex hormones are vital for multiple mental processes and bodily functions. They may also have an impact on healing. For instance, insufficient levels of estrogen can have an effect on aging, wrinkles, dryness, and faulty wound healing. One study has shown that low estradiol levels can raise the risk of fractures. Additionally, low testosterone levels can also make the bones more sensitive. This is common in older men and women. The risk increases even further with high counts of SHBG.

However, it’s highly unlikely that there is a link between sex and bone healing. It’s possible that sex hormones can decrease the risks of fractures in old age. However, the effects of sex on healing and bone fractures has not been investigated yet.


If you are a survivor, you should ask for help from a medical professional. Some methods of alternative medicine, along with having sex, could help you heal. However, much of it depends on the trauma, abuse, and physical ailments that you have personally experienced. Only you can make the first step towards healing and get better. Good luck!