Healing Crystals to Improve Sex

July 11, 2020

Healing Crystals for a Passionate Sex Life

Dazzling and intriguing stones have been an integral part of New Age ideologies since the ’70s. However, they soared in popularity relatively recently. They used to be a shiny detail on a quirky hippy aunt, but nowadays, they are everywhere. Crystals are an integral part of a local yoga studio, beauty parlors put them on display, and people wear them as jewelry.

Of course, it was a matter of time before they entered the steamy world of sex-play. Take a glance at this trend and find out how you can use crystals for sex.

What Are Healing Crystals?

Semi-precious stones and crystals are integral parts of various healing and spiritual practices. They all hinge on the belief that these rocks contain rejuvenating or even metaphysical properties. This notion is nothing new; such ideas were present in cultures from all over the globe, ranging from Ancient Greece to Medieval Europe and tribal America.

In recent decades, practitioners have utilized specific crystals to enhance and manipulate the flow of energy. By attuning these energies, a person can expect mental, emotional, and even physical benefits. Mind you, the practice of healing crystals pertains to alternative medicine and is fringe science. No official medical institution has proven its practical use, though there are many anecdotal cases of positive influence.

Basically, you shouldn’t use semi-precious stones as the main treatment against medical issues. If you have problems with your sex drive due to hormonal disbalance or cardiovascular problems, contact your doctor. Unfortunately, the problems of the heart and our nether region are rarely solved by doctors. In this respect, crystals and energy healing may help you improve and spice up your sex life.

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Many people experience troubles in the bedroom for indirect reasons, such as repressed emotions, blocked sexual desire, and lack of openness. Healing crystals can help you with these issues. They can invigorate you and regulate the flow of your emotions. All you need to do is wear them or keep them on your bedside table, and of course, believe in them.

You may even go one step further and use specially designed sex toys with healing crystals as their integral parts. This way, you get the pragmatic efficiency of the sex aid and the spiritual bonus of the healing stone.

What Types of Healing Crystals Are Good for Our Sex Life?

Though you might find them all equally gorgeous, you shouldn’t choose your crystal willy-nilly. There’s a system behind these stones. What’s more, many practitioners will tell you they even have their own personalities. Each rock relates to a specific set of emotions, energies, and chakra attunement. Here is a list of several jewels that may influence your sex life in a good way.

Rose Quartz

Crystals from the quartz group have powerful properties. The rose quartz’s domain is love energy. It is one of the most powerful energy regulators for the heart chakra and can enhance an array of warm feelings that include love between family members, friends, and of course, romantic partners.

They help unblock the pent-up emotions of shame and negativity, making you more open to new experiences and empathy for others, especially your significant other. This can all lead to better physical well-being and getting in touch with your desires, and it can improve your communication. All of these factors can lead to a better sexual connection and steamier sex.

Smoky Quartz

This little fellow is good for awakening the potential of your root chakra. It invigorates the body while connecting it to the universe. Your outward self will get tuned up with your inner self, and so you’ll gain a better understanding of your bodily needs and desires. Discover what you want from sex and pleasure so that you can share it more easily.

Red Jasper

Anther member of the quartz group, this feisty crystal holds properties that will awaken the dormant flame in you. Jasper can come in several colors, but the red one will stir up your sexual mood and endurance. Since it is the stone of increasing passion, it can additionally empower your creativity and provide that extra kick that can lead to earth-shattering orgasms.


Carnelian is another member of the group that’s an excellent energy buster. Besides giving you a sexual pick me up, it can also strengthen your confidence and motivation. With this one, you can’t go wrong as it specifically targets your genital area and enhances your sexual energy. Recharge your sexual energy through these ways.

How Do I Use Them?

The great thing about healing crystals is that they are easy to use. You can keep them close to your body, perhaps in the form of accessories or jewelry. Sometimes, their effects can be beneficial if you simply hold them in your pocket.

If you don’t feel like carrying these beauties with you, it is enough if you hold them for a while on your body on a specific spot, usually on the appropriate chakra. This can be done from time to time, several times a day, or simply before the intercourse.

The special trait of healing crystals is that they form an energy grid, meaning that they still perform energy healing by being in your vicinity. You can leave them in your bedroom, close to your bed, or even under your pillow. They control the flow of energy when you sleep, lie, or most importantly, while you’re having sex.

Can I Meditate With My Healing Crystals?

A more active approach to energy healing and awakening your primal energies is through specific rituals and meditation. You position the crystals close to your body so that they can form the energy grid, and then you can meditate, chant, or perform rituals. All of these techniques are an excellent way to start listening to yourself.

The process of meditation healing primarily helps the person to get back in touch with their own body, heart, and mind. People get distracted by the everyday hustle and bustle, but meditation and crystal energies can help the person reconnect with themselves. This is mindfulness — being aware of oneself, living in the moment, and understanding the world around you.

Energy crystals are the first step to solving your problems in the sack. You accept your problem, and you begin to deal with it. You let the crystals do their part while you try doing yours. If they work — good for you; if they don’t, at least you get to have a gorgeous crystal.