How big should you inflate your buttplugs while inside you?

February 19, 2020

Inflatable butt plugs can be a lot of fun, but only if you use them properly. If you are looking to learn more about these toys, we are here to help you along the way and go through everything you need to know before you buy them.

Inflatable Butt Plug Description

Inflating anal toys are a bit new to the market, but you probably have an idea of what they are like. The toy itself is quite small before you inflate it, and you won’t have any problems putting it in the butt. But, there is a tube that leads to a pump attached to it! You can use this pump to push air into the plug and enlarge it. Yes — this sex toy allows you to dictate its size and to inflate it until you are satisfied with the feeling.

If you go too far with it, you can always use the valve located on the tube to release the pressure and let the air out. The best thing about these expanding butt plugs is that they are easy to use. They are pretty much perfect for anyone who loves larger toys but has problems inserting them.

Since these toys are quite flexible. You won’t find any models made of metal, wood, or glass. The materials used for these bad boys are usually rubber, silicone, or latex. If you love anal play, and you’re looking for something different, these toys can allow you to experience fuller, more unique feeling during your sessions.

Different Types Inflatable Butt Plugs

As with other types of toys, you can choose the shape of it. Naturally, you dictate the size of the toy via the pump, so you don’t need to worry about that part. Most commonly, the shape of the toy is similar to a regular butt plug. However, you can find something different, as well. Other types include models with ribs or others that look like a grenade or a balloon. Some manufacturers offer different colors as well, but usually, these toys are black.

Another type you can try that recently appeared on the market is a vibrating butt plug that can inflate. Unlike other types, there is an additional vibrator inside that allows you to experience even greater sensation in your rectum.

Since these toys can be even bigger than extra-huge butt plugs, you can be sure that they feel incredible along with vibrations that come with it. All of these types have a single purpose — to give you a fuller feeling inside your ass. Large inflatable toys can take the shape of the anus, and allow you to experience something you have never felt before.

Make Sure Not to Inflate the Butt Plug to the Maximum

Before you start having fun, the best course of action would be to see how big the toy can get. Inflating the plug before is as easy as it can be, and it will give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect.

Furthermore, you will understand better how the toy works, and at what rate does the size increase. That way, there won’t be any surprises along the way, and you will have a better time controlling the toy once you start your session.

However, once you insert the toy, try resisting the urge to see how much you can take. It is easy to mistake the size of the toy once it’s inside, and inflating it too much can cause harm.

There is no reason to test your abilities in this manner, and even if you use anal lubes, it can cause damage or cuts inside the anal canal. To avoid having to visit the ER and making up a fake story about how you got yourself in that situation, you better avoid testing your limits and enjoy the toy in a reasonable manner. However, there are also extreme inflatable butt plugs available that you can order if you feel that you need to go to the next level.

Reading Product Descriptions When Buying an Inflatable Butt Plug

We don’t need to tell you how sensitive and replete with nerve endings the area around the anus is. So be careful with any kind of anal play, and use lots of lube. Furthermore, once you get your new inflatable toy, be sure to read the instruction manual. That way, you will learn everything you need to know about the toy, the way to use it, how to maintain it properly.

All manufacturers will mention both the minimum and maximum recommended size, and you will need to know the materials used to create the toy. Some people have allergies, for example. Even if you are not one of them, you will need to know what type of lubricant you can use with the plug. Usually, water-based lube is a safe bet for anal sex, but double-checking things has never harmed anyone.


Inflatable butt plugs have a pump that allows you to change their size and enjoy a fuller and bigger toy inside your ass. That makes these toys an excellent option for all who enjoy more heavy-duty toys.

If you were wondering how big the toy can get, it is always safer to test it before you go to town on your ass. And as with other types of anal play, be sure to use an appropriate lubricant to ensure that you have a pleasurable time.

Finally, for anyone looking for something more, there are models available that come with a vibrator to provide extra sensation during your sessions.