How big should you inflate your buttplugs while inside you?

February 19, 2020

Buttplugs aren’t uncommon anymore. People use it to have some fun or spice up their sexual relationship. Using buttplugs is pretty simple. But some buttplugs are inflatable. This means that you will be able to inflate them after they are in the butt. But the question is just how big should you inflate the buttplug while it’s still inside you? Many might think that the answer is a simple one- just stop doing it when you feel uncomfortable. But the entire purpose of buttplugs is to stretch it and sometimes people might not be able to understand when to stop. Before we deal with these questions, you should understand buttplugs better.

Why should you use inflatable buttplugs?

Think of buttplugs are the next step from simple buttplugs. They are inflatable and so they will allow you to have more fun. But there are more advantages to these inflatable buttplugs:

  • Less pressure on Sphincter muscles: Your anus has Sphincter muscles which are made for exiting things and not welcoming things. Your rectum consists of nerve endings which can improve your sexual enjoyment. The larger plug puts less pressure on the Sphincter muscles since the plug enters like a small or medium-sized one and inflates once it’s inside. This prevents the Sphincter muscles from experiencing more pain. Know that these muscles are very sensitive and if anything too large enters it, then it can tear the delicate tissues present at the opening. So it keeps your Sphincter muscles safe while also allowing you to enjoy sex. Its safety with enjoyment and this is the bonus combo which everyone wants. Tip: Many people tend to use an anal numbing gel before using a large buttplug but that’s a bad idea. That’s because if the muscles do tear, then you won’t be able to understand it. Thus will be followed by a not-so-pleasant trip to the doctor’s office.
  • Improvement in internal pressure: People use anal toys for pleasure. This pleasure is achieved by applying pressure to the area surrounding the rectum. The toy rubs the sensitive anal nerve endings which bring pleasure. By inflating the buttplug inside you slowly, you will be able to slowly ease it into every crease do that it can caress all the areas. Use the inflatable quality with care so that you increase the area of contact and have the most pleasant feeling.

  • Silent vibration: Most of the inflatable butt plugs do vibrate. But they vibrate silently. So unlike other kinds of sex toys that are loud this plug isn’t so. This is because the motor in the plug is present right inside the plug’s solid core. When the vibrator is activated, the noise gets absorbed by, you guessed it, by the latex bubble inside you.
  • It is comfortable during intercourse: People purchase buttplugs because it gives them heightened pleasure during sex. The equation is simple- the bigger the plug, the more pleasure you will feel with each thrust. The inflatable plug is made of very soft material and it won’t be uncomfortable or pinch you. But since it will be a large object once it gets inflated so the possibility of discomfort always remains. Especially since it will occupy space inside and then push the body to accommodate its size.

How far should you inflate the inflatable buttplug?

An inflatable buttplug has wires and such dangling from the end because it has to accommodate the pump. But the pump is precise which means that you can control how much you want the plug to inflate. Generally, one to two pumps is preferred but if you want to go higher it’s your choice. The trick with this device is to stop when you feel like it’s too much. When you start feeling pain or pinches then it’s time to scale the size down to the one which gave your pleasure.

If you aren’t sure what will cross the line from discomfort to pain, then try enlarging the buttplug slowly. Take your time with it and get comfortable with it. Many people find the sensation of an inflatable buttplug in their ass a bit weird. It’s expected as well. But if you feel pleasure and not pain, then that’s size to go with, until and unless you want to experiment more. There are also extreme inflatable butt plugs available that you can order if you feel that you need to go to the next level.

Should you use inflatable buttplugs regularly?

There’s nothing wrong with using inflatable buttplugs regularly perse. But if you are a beginner then it’s highly advised that you don’t begin with an inflatable buttplug. Here are some steps you can follow before coming to inflatable plugs:

  • First, try to see if you find please from anal stimulation. For this, use your fingers.
  • If you do then try out buttplugs. The normal ones. You will find buttplugs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Moreover, these are made from different kinds of materials as well. There are beads like buttplugs made from glass, there are conical buttplugs made from metal, etc. The variety of endless, choose the one which you feel the most comfortable with. Even if you want to experiment, then go slowly instead of rushing.
  • If you want to use the inflatable buttplug then try it slowly and see how you feel with it inside you. If you are alright with the size and have figured it out then proceed further.

When it comes to using regularly. You shouldn’t do. Buttplugs, if inserted daily can damage your Sphincter muscles or rectal muscles in the long run. That will result in a very costly (and slightly humiliating) trip to the doctor’s office which you certainly wouldn’t want. But you can use it at periodic intervals. Be careful while doing so.

So ultimately it’s your decision when you want to stop the device. Try it alone at first and then with a partner to see if the size you selected for yourself works well when combined with vaginal intercourse. But don’t over-inflate it right at the beginning.