How Do You Know If Ben Wa Balls Are For You

September 12, 2019

Are you new to the world of Ben Wa Balls? Also known as Kegel balls or love balls, these balls are worn inside vagina. Ben Wa Balls are weighted balls whose main purpose is to help you perform Kegel exercises. Although, Ben Wa Balls seem to be a fairly new concept in the West yet it has been used for centuries in the Far East. History has it that Chinese women used to wear Ben Wa Balls to strengthen their pelvic floor, enhance their sexual pleasure and restore their youth.

You must be eager to know more about Ben Wa Balls by now. The good part is the post below offers a brief on the major aspects of Ben Wa Balls.

Why should you use Kegel Balls?

As mentioned previously, Ben Wa Balls are primarily meant for Kegel exercises. These are easy clench & release exercises which work to strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. There is a list of benefits of strong pelvic floor:

  • Prevents urinary and bowel incontinence
  • Relaxes vaginal muscles that opens up your vagina further. It helps to assure painless and more comfortable sexual intercourse
  • Enhances blood circulation right to pelvic floor and vagina. It further helps to enhance sexual arousal
  • Helps to reach an explosive orgasm faster and more effectively
  • Enhances vaginal lubrication which also allows a smooth penetration into the vagina

Types of Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls are of two major types:

Single ball- As the name says, you will have just one ball here. This single ball could come with inner balls or it could be completely hollow.

Two balls– The most common type of Ben Wa Balls is a set with two balls. These are also termed as “Duotone Balls” and you will mostly find them with silicone coating. Most of the Duotone Balls come with balls encased in larger balls. These larger balls are generally made of silicone, latex or plastic.

Ben Wa Balls- Different Styles

Balls with String– Some Ben Wa Balls are designed with string at the end for easy removal. When you will insert the ball, the string will hang from outside. When you will want to remove the balls, you will simply have to pull out the strings and the balls will come out easily.

Balls with adjustable weight– As mentioned previously, Ben Wa Balls are weighted balls. The good thing is some of the versions of these balls even come with a series of balls in different progressive weights. This way, you can start with a small ball and then gradually move up to heavier weights as you get seasoned with Ben Wa Balls. It’s to note here, heavier the weight is, stronger would be your exercise.

Balls with vibration-If you want some extra buzz with the balls while inserted inside your body, go for vibrating Kegel Balls. These are Ben Walls that come with in-built vibrator. You will find them with in both wired controlled and remote controlled versions today. Needless to mention, the wired version is always clumsy and inconvenient to operate. On the other hand, the remote-controlled is a breeze to use given the absence of cables. However, these kinds of Ben Wa Balls are mostly used as sex toys rather than for Kegel exercises. If you are using a remote-controlled version, you may hand over the remote control to your partner who may buzz you and lead you to orgasm as per his wishes. It’s always hot to get buzzed by partner than doing it oneself.

Guide to prepare the Ben Wa Balls

You can’t just immediately insert the balls once you take it out from the package. You need to prepare them first. Here are the tips to follow while preparing the balls for insertion.

  • First, you will wash hands thoroughly with a good antibacterial soap
  • Then, you will need to cleanse the Kegel Balls as well. Make a mix of warm soapy water. Use antibacterial soap always. Then, clean the balls with the mix.
  • Dry them with clean towel.
  • Lather a good share of lube on your Ben Wa Balls before you take them for insertion. Use water-based lube.

Guide to insert the Ben Wa Balls

After you have prepped up these mighty Balls, it’s time to take them inside your vagina. They are easy to use and you can do it alone. However, it’s double the thrill when your partner inserts them inside you. Here are the steps to follow while inserting the Ben Wa Balls inside you.

Step 1

Lube up

The first step is to lube up the Balls. You should also apply good amount of lube around the vaginal area through which the balls would be inserted into your body.

Step 2

Get into a comfortable posture

It’s usually advised to insert the Balls while lying down on your back. So, lie down on back on your bed. Get a cushion under your hips for support and comfort. Spread your legs wide.

Step 3

Insert the ball

Once you are comfortable with the posture, it’s time to insert the balls. Go slow and be gentle with your approach. You can’t just shove the thing inside. Very gently, insert first ball into your vagina. As it gets tucked in, nudge in the second one inside.

Step 4

Push them inside

Try to push the balls inside the vagina as much as you are comfortable with them. If the balls carry a loop or string, it will hang outside the vagina. Do not push the string inside with the balls.

Step 5

Tighten up

As the balls sit comfortably inside you, tighten up the pelvic muscles. It will help your body to get a strong grip on the balls.

The balls must sit firmly inside vaginal canal. In case, they seem to be on the verge of falling out, just push them deeper inside. If you find this step complicated, learn this here now.

So, you have quite a comprehensive guide here about Ben Wa Balls. But one thing has not been mentioned above and that is the right material for these balls. You should always choose balls made with medical-grade silicone for the safest experience.