Who Should Use Ben Wa Balls

September 12, 2019

For quite a while now, the West has been fantasizing about the far reaches of the globe. Spiritual and cultural ideas came about, incorporating the mystical world of the far East into staples of modern pop culture. That’s normal, seeing how the mainstream always went for what was shady, underground, and to some degree, perceived as dangerous.

But what about tantric sex and eastern practices? Did we include something of it into our world of desire and sensation? Well, of course! Overlooking and not using something useful was never our thing, and a vibrant and colorful culture such as that of the Orient has always been a perfect place for acquiring new ideas.

Thus, there’s no need to wonder why we’re here to talk about Ben Wa Balls. Although still not that popular, we’re sure these vaginal intruders are gaining more and more traction with each passing year. So let’s talk a bit about these vaginal muscle trainers, shall we, ladies?

Those Who Are Preparing For Pregnancy

Thinking about giving birth to another human being isn’t something people take for granted nowadays. Parenthood is not only a serious job that pushes your life in a completely new direction — it’s a big test for the female’s body too. Almost everyone knows a story about a girl and her problems while giving because of her low body fitness.

Luckily, Ben Wa Balls are just the thing to help out a future mom. Just like Kegel weights, these marble spheres are here to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Their main use isn’t just to tease and stimulate sexually — they are way more than that. But, of course, these erotic and kinky characteristics are a bonus worth thinking about.

Nonetheless, bringing a child into this world isn’t easy, and there are no magical remedies to change that. The process involves contracting your pelvic floor muscles, making it a sometimes rather painful experience. Therefore, building strength in the genital region is as important as anything else a future mother needs to do. There are all sorts of Kegel exercises out there, but our safest bet would be to start preparing yourself with these marble balls.

Pregnant Women

Since we’ve talked about preparing for pregnancy, it’s normal we take things further in the same direction. But training is quite different from actually experiencing something for real. Thus, keeping up with Kegel muscle exercises is a must when expecting a baby.

Of course, we’d suggest you first consult your local health care workers before plunging into this. The safety of both you and your unborn child should always come first. Check with your doctor if there are actual benefits to Kegel exercises you want to try. Don’t take things for granted.

But in case the doc agrees with your plans, keep tightening the muscles in your genital area for an easier birth process. Doing it a couple of times a day is okay, as long as you don’t feel like it’s taking a toll on you. Keeping things moderate is essential for training to work. The Kegel balls, like all exercise equipment, need reasonable and optimal use.

Those With Urinary Incontinence

Even if people think that it is males who mostly have problems with keeping their urine flow in order, numerous girls share this unfortunate fate. Urinary incontinence is a medical condition that affects the muscle support of the uterus and the bladder.

As the years go by, muscles that hold things tidy downstairs start to weaken. That further leads to unwanted urine leakage, an unpleasant condition that can also lead to a urinary tract infection. But how do Ben Wa Balls help here?

As we’ve said, their primary use, besides improving vaginal stimulation, is correcting muscles in the genital region. And with healthier muscle tissue, the bladder will be in safer hands. Hence, leakage may be a lot less likely. The logic is rather simple — strong foundations mean a stable situation.

It’s easy to look at it as reinforcing your roots. Just like with any other exercise, not overdoing it will lead to success. So, don’t overestimate yourself and your vagina by doing the exercises a dozen times in a row if you’re not up for it. Keep it moderate and safe.

For Sexual Pleasure

Besides easing your pregnancy and strengthening your pelvic floor, Ben Wa Balls are also gadgets for stimulating sexual intercourse. Used for centuries by noble Chinese ladies, these marble stones work wonders for vaginal rejuvenation. It’s no wonder why they are as popular as ever over here.

Firstly, they come in all sorts of sizes and colorful designs. Most have threads attached, making them easy to pull out of your body. But if you’re looking for a flared base like most butt plugs have, you’re not going to see any. These toys are completely spherical, almost perfect.

Again, their primary use is facilitating muscle contractions and strengthening the pelvic floor. The stronger the muscles down in the crotch region, the more stimulation for the person. The same goes for buttock muscles. As you can imagine, all parts of the downstairs department are more or less connected.

Ben Wa Balls are great for adventurous foreplay when it comes to couples. For instance, they can stay in while you are on a hot date, making further action way better. They can also be used for partner insertion, allowing your beloved to slide them in for your pleasure.

Furthermore, they can be used for G-spot stimulation. Once inserted, if you’re into anal play, hind penetration will make them move closer to the G-spot, making the orgasm feel almost otherworldly. You’ll be holding your breath, wishing the feeling would never end. There are more things to learn about Ben Wa Balls, learn this here now.

But it’s important to emphasize that they’re not meant for anal insertion. So don’t try to be smart, it’s just not a good idea. If you’re willing to fill your rectum with something, go for good old anal beads or butt plugs.