Sex as Therapy: How Sex Can Solve Problems

July 3, 2020

Sex as Therapy

The pressures of modern life are lurking on every corner. Balancing between your private and professional life isn’t easy at all. But it’s not something you should be ashamed of. On the contrary, it’s important to be proactive about your problems.

But before you get frustrated and spend your money on toys, why not introduce yourself to an actual therapist? You see, your bedroom life heavily affects everything else you do. Therefore, if the two of you aren’t enjoying sex enough, it might cause damage elsewhere. So, let’s go into detail about sexual health and therapy, shall we?

Sex Problems

Sexual issues can range from all sorts of things that can negatively affect your life. From quality and quantity of intercourse to certain kinks you’re afraid of expanding on, they seriously damage your health and relationships. But people deal with them in various ways — some try and fix them on their own, while others simply don’t acknowledge their existence. Either way, few carry out their mission successfully.

Men will commonly have problems with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, while their female partners usually fight with vaginitis or similar reproductive organ issues. But those are just physical problems. Your issues can be more challenging in case they’re hanging in your head. For example, dissatisfaction with personal fantasies and fetishes the two of you aren’t able to achieve.

Human sexuality is pretty complex. So, solving problems surrounding it can be rather a rather challenging process. And for them to disappear, you must first accept them and prepare yourself for a road to recovery. You need to get rid of the elephant in the room by talking to your partner about it. Only then can you seek professional help and hope for the best.

How Does Sex Therapy Work?

The concept of sex therapy mostly relies on two basic principles. Firstly, medication (if you’re having trouble with the physiological functions like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation). On the other hand, couples therapy for sexual issues can work on a psychotherapeutic level. You know, resolving mental issues and blockades via conversation with your certified therapist.

Either way, it’s important to accept the doctor’s advice and act accordingly to the therapy they see fit for you. For example, in case the male’s dealing with penile problems, the therapist can prescribe a recipe for certain medications. Usually, they’ll give you the blue pill for impotence or paroxetine for blowing your load early. Their goal is to be able to give you an active sexual relationship in a foreseeable future.

But in case your sexual problems revolve around your thoughts and traumas, talking about sex will be their method. A doctor will try to avoid medication if not necessary, allowing you to express your inner thoughts and feelings first. That is why visiting a counselor or therapist first is a fantastic idea.

Cost of Sex Therapy

Unfortunately, there’s no definite answer here. Your therapy can range pretty much from a few hundred bucks to a sum of five figures. The whole thing depends on many factors. For example, how much therapy and talk you’ll need and how expensive the medicine prescribed is.

Moreover, the place of business of your sex therapist will hugely affect your bill. In rural areas, a 45-minute session can go from 75 to 150 dollars. But in the Big Apple, you’ll pay more than 200 bucks. Sometimes, individuals and couples can benefit from just a session or two, which should not be that expensive.

But that doesn’t mean you should hold back if you can afford a great therapist. The end goal is more important than buying something you can do without. Therefore, consider your options before you begin the treatment.

What Usually Happens in Therapy

Like any medical therapy and procedure, resolving sexual health issues is a process. It can range from a couple of sessions to months of work, depending on the seriousness of your condition. After you’ve acknowledged your problems and said to yourself that it’s okay to talk about them, you’ll pick your medical worker. And upon your arrival, they’ll assess the problem in detail.

Depending on the problem of sexual dysfunction, they’ll decide what’s best for you. You’ll either be treated with medicine or begin your counseling. Either way, it’s important to understand that some things take time. Looking for quick solutions is a mistake you should avoid, but your doctor will tell you that immediately.

In case you’re having trouble with how your body (mostly genitals) works, the doctor will prescribe you with drugs. You must follow the guidelines and in no circumstance abuse the medicine. But if the problem appears to be in your head, your couple therapist will schedule weekly appointments. These sessions might appear futile at first but with positivity and transparency, you’ll quickly see the first signs of improvement.

Effects on Couples and Individuals

The whole point of sexual therapy is for you to revive your sex life. And in case you’ve never had it, the end goal will be to experience it for the first time. Your doctor will look to make you comfortable with who you are at first.

It’s not uncommon to hear stories about couples seeking such help. Most of them will share their personal experience, both good and bad. Therefore, we’d recommend you approach them and listen to their stories. After all, you might have a similar problem. So, sharing information seems like the best option to start with.

But in general, sex as therapy is pretty successful. Tons of couples and individuals will claim their lives turned around after seeing a professional. Sure enough, you and your partner can experience the same thing. But to get there, you’ll have to give all you’ve got and trust your therapist completely.