Sex meditation is a thing, and it totally changed my sex life

May 8, 2020

A few years ago, you couldn’t pay me to meditate. I’ve mostly had an anti-Zen approach to life. But everything changed when I got a big promotion. My work got in the way of sex. Today, I’ll tell you about how I managed to solve those problems through sex meditation. It’s true. Sex meditation is a thing, and it totally changed my sex life!

Work-related stress

Last year, I became the manager of my company, and work stressed me out more than ever. My new promotion kept me occupied most of the time. My work started to seriously interfere with my sex life. Before the promotion, I was always present in bed and had frequent and fantastic sex with my husband. But this changed quickly.

I was too tired and anxious to even think about sex. My hubby never complained before, but recently he said that he wasn’t satisfied. I know that many women have this problem. In my case, it wasn’t about my partner setting unrealistic expectations. I was simply too preoccupied with my daily life to even think about banging. I realized that my husband is a real person who wants and needs intimacy. And I wasn’t able to give him that.

Marriage on the rocks

Sax after a long workday is not my idea of fun. Most women and men who work all day definitely know how I feel. For a while, I tried to stop sex altogether. I didn’t even want to try it with my husband. This put a lot of strain on our relationship. As I said, my husband is a good guy, and he understands that I’m busy with work. I want you to understand that no matter how your partner can be thoughtful of your needs, they also have their own sexual desires.

Giving sex medication a try

Having sex all night long, using sex toys like vibrators, and just enjoying the moment used to be one of the high-points of my life. Sex gave me the chance to experience mindful moments and simply let go and have naughty fun. Sadly, it was no longer about that. Even in rare moments when I tried to get in bed with my husband, I was constantly thinking about to-do lists and emails.

After some time, I realized that enough was enough. I had to do something to ease my stress and anxiety because if I didn’t, I would say goodbye to my orgasms forever. Also, my husband would probably end up finding someone else. Out of desperation, I researched some mindfulness meditation techniques. It wasn’t long until I found a meditation studio that included lots of content on intimacy. I learned all about sex meditation and after months of feeling stressed and repressed, I decided to give it a go. Remember, I was a non-believer in meditation, but just seeing that it’s possible to link it to sex made me change my mind.

Different types of orgasms, huh?

Sex meditation is quite simple. Just like regular meditation can lead you to be more relaxed in life, sex meditation can help you to be more focused and maximize your sensations when you’re actually in bed. It’s a type of slow sex and intimacy that increases your awareness of physical and emotional signals. The goal is to improve your mindfulness by focusing on breathing and touch while having sex.

I started to take some courses at the meditation studio, and that’s where I learned that meditation during sex could substantially change your orgasms. It can prolong them and make them more intense.

Naturally, I was excited to experience those unusual orgasms. In my sessions, I first started with some basic meditation practices, and I couldn’t get the hang of them at first. After a few sessions, I learned all about stillness, focus, and mindfulness. After some exercises, I noticed that I managed to turn off my mind. I also noticed that it became easier for me to focus on one thing and be present in the moment. For example, I paid attention to how one pair of silky underwear would make me feel sexier than others.

Our sex life had a powerful sensual shift

After a week or two, my meditation sessions moved on to the fun stuff. I realized that I responded to stress much better. I became more aware of my sex drive. What’s more, I increased my sensitivity through sex meditation. This made me feel incredible during several suggested exercises.

I tried some detailed nipple massage techniques that included 36 unique strokes. In another exercise, I got excited just by listening to my husband talk about sex. Then, I moved on to slow masturbation techniques. I tried a guided masturbation meditation, and a soft female voice talked me through the steps I needed to take to slow down and pay more attention to my body.

After 20 minutes of following the instructions, I had a massive release. Then, another week passed, and I felt ready to try sex with my husband. I followed most of the recommended steps that I received in my sessions and slowed things way down. By taking a step back, I was able to let go of financial worries and work-related issues. Initially, only foreplay was enough to get us both to orgasm loudly. Later, we moved on to intense and passionate “slow” sex that has kept us occupied ever since.

My takeaway

After several weeks of sex meditation, I felt free and focused. I managed to center myself and have amazing sex with my husband. He also joined my meditation studio, and now we are firm believers in the wonderful benefits of sex meditation. It has reduced our stress, improved our intimacy, and has taught us to have mind-blowing orgasms! If you’ve experienced similar work-related problems, I urge you to try sex meditation. It will change your life!