Why orgasmic meditation may be the relaxing technique you need

November 24, 2020

It’s no secret that the modern world is full of nerve-wracking situations, filled with anxiety and panic attacks. Then again, was there a time when stress wasn’t such a big part of human existence? Of course not. It’s simply unavoidable. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for ways to at least water it down.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic isn’t helping. Ever since the beginning of 2020, everything seems hard. And for those who were struggling with depression, stress, and overall anxiety beforehand, the world seems even darker these days. But what if we tell you there’s a way to make it all a bit better?

Our article aims to explore the benefits of orgasmic meditation (OM). We’ll talk about the difference between it and the regular one, how it can help during these grim days of COVID-19, and how to try it. So, let’s check OM out, shall we?

What is orgasmic meditation?

Mixing mindfulness and clitoral stimulation, OM is a wellness technique that’s gaining lots of traction in recent years. Namely, orgasmic meditation is a partner experience that takes around 15 minutes of your time. Its only goal is for you to relax and let go of all your stress. So, how is it different from regular masturbation?

Well, the practice is done in a specific way. The whole point is to stimulate the upper-left part of your clitoris while going up-and-down with gentle touches. And when we say gentle, we mean the slightest of touches is enough. In most cases, male partners are the ones who do the touching while their lovers avoid returning the favor.

Orgasmic meditation has become popular ever since The New York Times did an article about Nicole Daedone and Rob Kandell and their company, OneTaste. The surrounding hype grew stronger as celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow began to talk about the benefits of OM in public.

Instructors say it’s a way to improve physical and mental health while incorporating sexual arousal and pleasure. But they add that it isn’t a form of foreplay since orgasms aren’t the goal of OM practice. Yup, it sounds a bit ridiculous if you consider its name.

Is orgasmic meditation the same as traditional meditation?

Frankly, they’re not the same two things. And yes, you can argue that they share lots of similarities, but that doesn’t mean that they’re identical. What separates them is the fact that OM incorporates relaxing sex into its practice. On the other hand, traditional meditation doesn’t delve into sexual waters.

Orgasmic meditation is a way of connecting with the world and your partner while being close to cumming. The regular one is all about being spiritual, looking for answers about our reality and purpose in life. Of course, over the years, it turned into something more pragmatic, dealing with reducing anxiety and stress. It’s not about sexual excitement, no matter how you put it.

Nevertheless, traditional meditation gurus don’t see anything wrong with OM. They say that the changes are okay since all forms of meditating count as meditation. It all depends on what you’re looking for. And if that’s the perfect way for you to connect with yourself, then so be it. There are no hard feelings between the two schools of thought.

OM and vanilla mediation both share similar goals. They tend to improve the way your body and mind function together. Also, it helps you to connect with other people deeply. And since you practice it with your partner, it’s supportive of your relationship and sex life as well as all other social connections you have.

Health benefits of orgasmic meditation

Some prime examples of OM benefits are happiness, lower stress, lower anxiety, and deeper connections with partners. Also, people who practice it claim that this form of meditation helps them with their overall confidence. But these benefits don’t only count for women, as men who provide clitoral stimulation say they finally understand their female lovers and their bodies. It works both ways.

Although we’ve said that experiencing orgasms isn’t the primary focus of OM, some people do reach climax while practicing it. And it’s no secret that sexual activity is pretty good for our overall health. Both physical and mental. But besides these pros we’ve mentioned, numerous positives come from the regular meditation side of OM.

Traditionally, meditation helps to improve communication and our ability to relax. It can also lead to acceptance of our body image, increased blood flow and circulation, and most importantly — pain relief. There’s a whole host of other positives such as sleep quality, libido, muscle tension, and so on. Some sex researchers suggest that meditation enriches people’s bedroom experiences too.

How to try orgasmic meditation

Firstly, you’ll need to make yourself comfortable. That means nesting in a relaxed environment in a comfy position. You can use a yoga mattress, a blanket, or some firm cushion you already have. Of course, your partner should be cozy too. Make sure you prepare a hand towel as well as a timer and water-based lube. Set your timer for 13 minutes, and then add another one set for 2 minutes.

Next up, the stroker should apply lube to their fingers and ask for permission to begin. If you don’t feel ready, you should voice it immediately. And when you feel that it’s time to start, your partner will begin to stimulate the upper-left part of your clitoris.

When the first timer dings its alarm, the stroker should switch to downstrokes only. And after those other two minutes come to an end, it’s time for your stroker to apply pressure to your genitals with the palm of their hand. After that, you can use the towel to clean up.

Of course, if you’re single, you can replicate all these steps by yourself. It won’t work as well as when with a partner, but it will be enough to release at least some stress. You can even venture into full-on masturbation if you’d like, reaching a powerful orgasm in the end.